Kassiopi is 36 km north of Corfu Town and Corfu airport and is the largest village in the northeast of the island. It is unique among Corfu’s resorts in having both a very picturesque setting and an important amount of history.

By day you can walk along the headland and explore its historic sites, shop for unique handmade souvenirs and enjoy the changing colors of the Ionian Sea. Keep an eye out for dolphins and keep count of the luxury cruises passing by.

By night marvel at the impressively lit Kassiopi Castle ruins and the stars above, enjoy a superb meal at Melina Bay Restaurant and Wine Bar or sip on a refreshing cocktail as you take in the majestic atmosphere.

Kassiopi offers all modern amenities and services and is the place to meet for residents of surrounding luxury holiday villas. Kassiopi harbour with its little square is today the focal point of the town’s social life by day and a pretty trendy place by night. A mixture of small nightclubs and plenty of quieter bars offer a variety of entertainment whilst numerous restaurants offering both local and international cuisine are available.

Here you can admire handmade knitwear, olive wood carvings, natural fibre clothing and visit Kassiopi Gallery for modern jewellery and artefacts. Public swimming pools, tennis courts, supermarkets, medical facilities and access to some of the best beaches on Corfu Island are nearby. Here there are things to do for all the family to enjoy. All in all Kassiopi is considered one of the best quality resorts on Corfu Island.



Kassiopi spans 3.000 years of history as a‘gate’ for anyone entering or leaving Corfu Island by sea.From a Roman supply post in the 3rd century BC, to a Byzantine fortified headland in the 16th century, turned traditional fishing village in recent history, Kassiopi is today a modern, affluent holiday resort that charms visitors with its rich heritage and unique position on the north eastern corner of Corfu Island.

The town is said to have been founded during the reign of Pyrrhus, King of Epirus in the 3rd Century BC, as a supply post during his war with Rome. After the Roman conquest of the island in 230 BC, many Emperors visited, most prominently Emperor Nero, who came to a Temple to Zeus here.

Sometime in the 5th century the temple of Kassios Zeus was converted to a Christian church to honour the Holy Mother – “PanayiaKassopitra”. In 1537 the church was burned to the ground by the Turks, and was restored between 1590 and 1591.The new church had two altars to accommodate both Catholic and Orthodox religions and inscriptions o­n the church bear the dates 1590, 1670 and 1832.

Much of a small headland to the north of the resort is taken up by a Byzantine fortress. The fortress was subsequently fortified further by the Venetians, and survived sieges from the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century. Today parts of the fortress’s walls can be seen from the coastal road around the headland.

A ring road and foot path takes you right round Kassiopi headland with breath-taking views across the Albanian coast line. Small shingle beaches and graphic coves complete the scene for an exciting holiday destination with lots of treasures to discover.

Things to do

In the larger scheme of things Kassiopi sits on a piece of headland that is part of an entire area of magnificent beauty and unique natural heritage. Corfu Island’s north east is coastline is made up of small shingle beaches, graphic coves and phenomenal rock formations. Most of these, in fact, are accessible only by boat or footpaths that take you through thick shrubs and dense olive groves. A lot has been done in recent years to protect the area’s rich flora and fauna and to control the quality and quantity of development.

Boat Hire

Kassiopi gives you easy access to the entire north east. You can set out on foot to a different destination each day or we can arrange for private boat hire with which to explore the magnificent natural beauty of Kassiopi headland. Renting a boat for the day does not require a license on your part and is certainly the most exciting and beautiful way to get around. Fishing off your own boat, snorkeling in pristine waters or simply lazing under the sun on your private beach are the things memories of a lifetime are made of.

There are plenty of harbour villages along the way to moor for lunch or refreshments. Most of the tavernas you will find will welcome you and help you along the way. Boat hire is from 9am till around 4 in the afternoon and you can be safe in the knowledge that staff from the boat hire company will be constantly patrolling the area to make sure things are running smoothly for you. All boats are equipped with life jackets for your safety and most have sun canopies for extra protection from the sun. A map with the designated areas and other guidelines will be given to you when you pick up your boat and if required, a short demonstration on handling the vessel.BOOK NOW


Car Hire

Car hire gives you the independence to create your own itinerary and visit some places that are definitely worth your while. Kassiopi is on the way to golden-sand beaches like Acharavi and St Spyridon further along the north coast. From here you can also easily get to the historical Venetian built village ofOld Perithia high up on Mount Pantokrator that stands tall above Kassiopi village. The entire mountain region is incredible with a network of footpaths to discover. The very large cave at Loutses is also only accessible by car.We can arrange for a car to be delivered to the airport awaiting your arrival or you can simply pick it up from Melina Bay Hotel.BOOK NOW


Most organised excursions in the area run from Kassiopi. Corfu Town, Paxos, Albania are all accessible from here. Horse riding is a great way to experience the natural landscape nearby and a scuba diving centre offering training and excursions runs off Kassiopi headland.

Melina Bay Seaside Hotel places you at the centre of all these possibilities and more. We look forward to helping you plan your holiday. Our front desk service can assist you with bookings and reservations.